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US Probate Services provides free probate, conservatorship & trust settlement tools for families, executors, administrators & trustees.
This site aims to assist the Executor, Administrator, Conservator and Trustee in accomplishing their duties in settling an estate.  US Probate Services will provide KEY services that will HELP you, the consumer, obtain the information and professional guidance that may be needed in the process.

As a consumer, you will gain access to a directory of  professionals such as:

  1. ACCOUNTANT DIRECTORY  – national directory of accountants that have been reviewed
  2. ATTORNEY DIRECTORY – national directory of attorneys that have been reviewed
  3. CEMETARY DIRECTORY – national directory of cemeteries that have been reviewed
  4. C.P.R.E.S. – national directory of Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists that will help you with any sale of real property that estate may want to liquidate
  5. HOME CONTRACTORS – national directory of home contractors that will help you fix anything around the house if you find yourself in charge of a home as part of the estate
  6. ESCROW COMPANIES – reviewed escrow companies nationwide that you and your family can talk to about handling the escrow needs from the sale of the real property
  7. FINANCIAL PLANNERS – reviewed financial planners nationwide that you and your family can talk to about investing any proceeds from the estate
  8. FUNERAL HOME DIRECTORY – national directory of funeral homes that have been reviewed
  9. PARALEGAL DIRECTORY – national directory of paralegals that have been reviewed
  10. PERSONAL PROPERTY SERVICE DIRECTORY – national directory of personal property services that have been reviewed
  11. REAL ESTATE COMPANY DIRECTORY – national directory of real estate companies that specialize in the area of real estate settlement that have been reviewed
  12. TITLE COMPANY DIRECTORY – national directory of title companies that have been reviewed

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