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Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

You deserve to sell your home for top dollar AND have a hassle-free real estate experience.

We get it—you’ve just experienced the loss of a loved one and you'd rather not sell their home. It holds a special place in your heart. But, the time and costs to maintain the home are becoming unbearable. You want pay off all outstanding debts and then be able move on with your life. 

Selling a loved one's home can feel like a huge hassle that you’d rather not endure, but you are insulted by and can’t afford to take the ridiculously lowball offers of the “quick-sale” investors. You know you need to maximize your return on investment in order to ensure your family is in its best situation. 

Without a proven expert fully managing the process, looking out for your best interests…the probate sale of a home can be a nightmare, that can fall short of getting you what you really want and need.


We can help.

Many real estate agents today tend to fall into two categories…

The first group has lost touch with the humanity factor—they treat (and refer to) their clients as “transactions” and truly don’t care what’s good for you. 

Or on the other hand, there’s the newbie agent who says they promise their full attention…but that’s because they don’t possess the skills (or knowledge) to seamlessly get you to where you need to be. Probate Real Estate is a different ball game than traditional real estate.

Then there are the cash investors who seem to offer a quick real estate experience while they serenade you with cash…only to leave you with far less in your pocket than your family deserves.


Elite Home Finders is different.

We are a breath of fresh air in the all-too-often clunky and impersonal real estate world. Because it gets our clients top dollar, we combine the use of old-school grit with technological advances to get your home sold quickly and for the price you deserve, while effortlessly leading the way through your probate sale.

Our process is seamless, our approach is personable, and your experience is stress-free. With our proven processes, you can actually relax, able to trust you are in good hands. This is why we’ve consistently grown over 70% year over year in the Greater Las Vegas area.

We invite you to check out the Resources tab on our website for helpful information about the sale and purchase of your home. Check out our Testimonials and see how our clients are able to get top ROI when selling so they move forward with confidence. Start picturing your own happy story…selling for top dollar as your family experiences ultimate relief. 

And when you’re ready, call us for your 30-minute initial consult. We’ll briefly go over your goals, how we work with clients, and if it’s the right fit, next steps from there.

Shauna Gut is the Broker/Owner of Elite Home Finders and is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES). A native to Las Vegas, she has seen the valley grow over the years. She compassionatlely helps families through the probate process, continually keeping their best interests at the forefront, bringing financial security and ultimate relief as their home sale seamlessly falls into place. 

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